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Koi Pond & Aquarium Products

Fish Pond Filter

Fish Pond Filter

Approx. Rs 1.55 Lakh / Unit(s)

Bead filters accomplish two goals, bead filter being water polishing (solids capture) and the other being bio filtration systems accomplish these goals, but are much larger and more difficult to clean. Are bead filter in very good quality.

Model NO.Tank Dia. (mm)Height (mm)Height (mm)Valve Port Size (mm)Filter Area (mm)Foam Bead (kg)Design Flow (lpm)Gross weight (kg)
Multiport Valve VS1.5

Pond Filter

Pond Filter
Koi Pond filter
Our ABF series Pond Filter is designed to purify pond water by removing waste products that are created by Fish and Koi. Our Pond Filter is completely different from Swimming Pool Filter.Biological and Chemical Filter is the place in charge of water treatment. Water Polluted with fish feces and left over food is carried to the filter tank. The Polluted water is purified in it by microorganism called filtering bacteria and then the purified water is sent back to the pond again. This is called “ Circulation Filtration “.The Polluted water is passed through the different chambers of the filter which contains the Filter Mat, Filter Media, Activated Carbon, Chemical Balls and UV Chamber.

Protein Skimmer

Protein Skimmer

Approx. Rs 2.2 Lakh / Unit

Protein skimmer, is also known as foam fractionation. The purpose of a protein skimmer is to remove DOC's (dissolved organic compounds) from aquarium water. thus improving the quality of the water. A protein skimmer is constructed in a tube or tower design, has a collection cup at the top and in some cases a water return tube. The skimmer works by injecting massive, very fine air bubbles into the tube by means of using either air stones or a high pressure water pump and air valve. The rising air bubbles act as a lift in the tube, allowing the chemical compounds of the DOC's to attach to the bubbles and hitch a ride to the surface where they are captured in the collection cup and disposed.

Model No.Matching pumpPump power (HP)Gross weight (kg)
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